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    • Fees are determined based on the number of employees the Manufacturer has in Canada. Taxes apply and are charged extra according to the provincial laws in force where the Manufacturer’s headquarters are located.
    • The amount is payable to the NPO using one of the following: Bien fait ici, Well Made Here, or Bien fait ici/Well Made Here.
    • The annual fee covers an unlimited number of products the Manufacturer can submit to obtain the “Well Made Here” qualification from the NPO.
    • Adhesion to the NPO is automatically renewed on an annual basis, and an invoice will be issued thirty (30) days prior to the renewal date. The invoice must be paid by the anniversary date, failing which the online account and related products will be suspended.
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    Number of employees Fees

    Plus Tax

    1 to 10 600 $
    11 to 25 1 130 $
    26 to 50 1 400 $
    51 to 100 1 725 $
    101 to 250 2 125 $
    251 and more 2 600 $
    Information About Organization