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  • A hardware and weather seals specialist joins Well Made Here

    Servitek FOUSSIER was established under the name Servitek FENESTRATION in 1994, founded by brothers Martin and Michel Tremblay in Laval, on the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec.

    Its value lies in improving products to meet customer needs. Among its achievements are numerous products for the equipment and insulation of doors and windows, such as its SecuriTek eccentric multipoint bars, its Tek-Lon weatherstripping seals, and its modified nylon strikes, then assembled in Canada. Its ProTek sealing plates and its intermediate strips are the only solutions on the market to be fully developed and manufactured in Canada.

    Servitek FOUSSIER also distributes many products from the biggest brands in the door and window industry. Visit their website for more information: www.servitek.ca

    Main contact: Annie-Pier Blain, Marketing and market development manager: 514-618-0744 or annie-pier.blain@servitek.ca

    Examples of exclusive products: intermediate strip, door sealing plate, weather stripping and multipoint bars.