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  • About Well Made Here

    Bien fait ici / Well Made Here is a federally chartered non-profit organization collectively owned by its founding banners and professional associations. Our commitment : Quality housing, from the cellar to the attic Our raison d’être is to encourage the purchase of quality building materials and other items manufactured in Canada and intended for the residential market. Our vision for the first years is to strengthen the value chain between manufacturers, banners, and their network of hardware stores and home improvement centres to better serve consumers and construction contractors. More specifically, Well Made Here seeks to address five issues:

    • For the consumers: To help them find information on quality products made locally.
    • For the certified contractors: To enhance their offering, in conjunction with retailers, through the purchase of local, quality products.
    • For the retailers: To position themselves as choice destinations for customers keen to buy qualified products.
    • For the banners: To have their image and networks associated with the growing movement in favour of buying local, quality products.
    • For the manufacturers: To stand out from imported or low added-value products through the provision of technical information for DIYers and contractors.


    Board of Directors Well Made Here / Bien fait ici


    • Richard Darveau, CEO, Quebec Hardware and Building Materials Association (AQMAT)

    Vice-President and Consumer Representative

    • Marc-André Harnois, General-Manager, Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction (ACQC)

    Secretary and Retailers representative

    • Dominique Bélanger, Owner, RONA C. Bélanger, Montreal

    Treasurer and Suppliers representative

    • Paul Faulkner, Sales and Marketing Manager, Dural

    Directors, Buying groups

    • Ken Jenkins, president & CEO, Castle Building Centers Group
    • Kevin Macnab, president & CEO, Home Hardware Stores
    • Tony Hurst, president & CEO, Lowe’s Canada
    • Denis Morin, president, Patrick Morin Group

    Directors, Professionnal associations et corporations  

    • Luc Bélanger, CEO, Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation du Québec (APCHQ)
    • Sam Moncada, CEO, Canadian Hardware & Housewares Manufacturers Association (CHHMA)