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  • Program explained in five answers

    1.  Whose program is this and what is its mission?

    Well Made Here is a non profit organization under federal jurisdiction, owned collectively by the banners and professional associations that support the program and its objectives.

    Its mission is to promote the purchase of quality building materials and other items manufactured in Canada and intended for the residential market.


    2.  What is an accredited Well Made Here product?

    An item or building material that meets regulations, standards and construction codes in effect, is potentially certified or licensed and for which at least 51 % of the direct manufacturing costs (both production material and labour, assembly and packaging) have been incurred in Canada.

    3.  Why should you choose a Well Made Here product?

    Make an informed buying decision

    Trusting in Canadian-made products

    To support our regions and manufacturing jobs

    4.  Which businesses can participate in the program?

    Any business, regardless of its origin, that manufactures, at a facility in Canada, building materials which meet public standards and other items intended for the residential market, is welcome.

    5.  Quality of the information: who monitors?

    As with Energy Star, FSC, CSA and other certifications, the public, end users of the product and peers are the ones who monitor. Any doubt about potentially erroneous or false information provided by a manufacturer should be expressed by telephone at 1 833-434-4373, an anonymous reporting line.

    confidential but formal audit will be conducted. In short order, the manufacturer will be required to submit evidence to “Well Made Here” supporting its claims.

    Following the review, there are three possible outcomes, as follows :

    MEETS the criteria


    No changes to published info or accreditation of products


    QUESTIONS remain Review by expert legal counsel and information hidden during the audit

    the criteria


    Revisions or retraction of published info
    Discontinued use of the logo in connection to unqualified lines/products
    Other possible consequence: expulsion