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  • A key player in roofing and building envelope joins “Well Made Here”

    Millenium, a national manufacturing agent and distributor of roofing and building envelope components, has just joined “Well Made Here” as part of its plans t to expand its reach in the residential sector.


    Based in the Saint-Hubert area of Longueuil, Quebec, Millenium designs, manufactures and distributes a complete line of guardrails and other fall arrest devices so that building owners and managers can comply with national, provincial and municipal regulations in force in the country.

    Although the company mainly serves the commercial and industrial markets, it also focuses on the residential sector.

    “In an ever-changing market for building materials and roofing systems, we are always looking to bring new products to market so as to provide owners, designers and contractors with sustainable and high-performance solutions,” says Sylvain Lortie, President and CEO, who believes that participating in the accreditation program aligns itself perfectly to the company’s value proposition and the quality standards.

    Production is handled by a team of around thirty engineers, technicians, professionals, and representatives of the construction sector, more specifically, for the following categories:

    • manufacturer of slope insulation systems for flat roofs;
    • distribution of major brand products related to building waterproofing and insulation;
    • safety equipment, railings and various anchors;
    • various accessories for commercial and industrial roofs.

    Thanks to its Canadian network of distributors and manufacturers comprised of 102 material distribution and collection points across the country, the company allows customers to achieve significant transportation cost savings.

    As to proof of competency, it was this firm that was selected by the Association des maîtres couvreurs du Québec, the body that supports master roofers, to secure their own roof. Click here to view the video (French language audio only)


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