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  • Another Buying Group Supports the Program

    TORBSA, with its thirty or so points of sale, enriches the network of banners and buying groups which hold the status of Major Partner in the “Well Made Here” organization.

    The company, headquartered in Bolton, Ontario and in business for more than 55 years, is therefore aligning itself alongside the following retail networks, already committed to the program: Castle, Home Hardware (including Patrick Morin) and Lowe’s (including Réno-Dépôt, RONA and Lowe’s).

    As a result, Paul Williams, TORBSA President since 2020, will hold a seat on the Board of Directors.

    “TORBSA is a Canadian company that values ​​quality domestically-made products,” says Williams.
    “A long-term partnership with “Well Made Here” is very much aligned with our growth strategy and values.”

    The partial list of the group’s suppliers, of which approximately twenty are participating manufacturers with accredited products, is available via this link: https://www.torbsa.com/suppliers

    “I believe that all stakeholders connected through the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer, by way of the retailer and even the building contractor, benefit from the identification and sale of accredited products,” adds Simon Gouin, Vice-President of Business Development at TORBSA since January.

    All the Major Partners commit to promoting the “Well Made Here” brand in their communications, to sharing their list of suppliers with program staff and to developing information or promotion initiatives for their affiliated points of sale and / or by extension for their customers.



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