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    A study shows that Canadians are inclined to choose a product manufactured here.

    Conducted by Ipsos on behalf of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), the survey sample of 1 000 Canadian consumers indicates the following;

    • 45 % of those polled have made a specific effort to buy Canadian in the months preceding the survey;
    • 24 % made an effort to buy goods made in their province.

    Furthermore, the study reveals that two key factors influence Canadian consumers’ buying decisions:

    • for 55 % of respondents, the first is to buy from a local store;
    • scoring 41 %, the second is consumption of local products.

    The data demonstrates consumers’ concern in opting to purchase goods that have a positive impact on the local economy even if it means paying more. Being manufactured in this country counts a great deal and consideration is also given to the renowned quality and environmental sustainability of Canadian products.

    “In the whole, these characteristics reflect the growing concerns of consumers and intersect, in fact, with the positioning of the « Well Made Here » program,” maintains Richard Darveau, instigator of the new program.


    Pierre Cléroux, Vice-President, Research and Chief Economist at BDC

    In analyzing the data, the BDC’s Vice-President, Research and Chief Economist decided to give his article the following title: Canada, a powerful brand. He argues that businesses should not hesitate to play the “Made in Canada” card in their marketing strategies, even if their primary markets are abroad. Indeed, Canadian-made products have an excellent reputation on the global scale.

    This is the same conclusion which was drawn by “Statista” in its study which ranked the world’s favourite brands as part of its MADE-IN-CONTRY-INDEX report.


    The arrival the Bien fait ici | Well Made Here label on the horizon at hardware stores and renovation centres across the country constitutes a powerful reference tool that allows Canadian consumers and building contractors to make informed buying decisions, based on rigorous information, while supporting businesses that


    To fulfil its commitment, the new organization has developed the ici-here.ca portal, which offers visitors the possibility of applying six

    different filters to search through a catalogue of products and generate results that meet their needs and fit their criteria. For full details on BDC’s findings, click here.