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  • Canada’s Fastest Female Athlete becomes our Ambassador

    Audrey Leduc, Canadian record holder in both the 100m and 200m, and triple qualifier for the upcoming Olympic Games as a member of the 4x100m relay team, has agreed to become a Brand Ambassador for “Well Made Here.”

    As she mentions in a video available by clicking below, our program and she share a quest for excellence and ethical values. Additionally, Audrey has chosen to pursue her studies up to a master’s degree and her athletic development while staying in Canada to demonstrate that one can be among the best in the world while remaining Canadian, a stance dear to each of the one hundred manufacturers involved in “Well Made Here” (WMH).


    Click here to watch her first video with us (in French).




    In just a few months, the 25-year-old sprinter from Gatineau shattered a 37-year-old Canadian record in the 100m (previously held by the late Angela Bailey) while meeting the Olympic standard for qualification for Paris. Read the article here.

    Last week, she achieved the same feat in the 200m, breaking a seven-year-old record while also qualifying for Paris. Watch the clip here.

    Earlier in May, she played a key role in the Canadian 4x100m relay team’s Olympic qualification. Watch the clip here.

    Audrey Leduc has quickly become a media darling in both French and English outlets over the past few months.

    In an interview with Richard Darveau, President and CEO of WMH, the sprinter admitted needing support: her intensive training regimen prevents her from holding a full-time job, and she faces competition expenses such as travel, accommodation, and fees for her coach and physiotherapist.

    To realistically aim for an Olympic podium, Audrey must participate in as many international events as possible, where the elite of athletics gather. Unlike her counterpart André DeGrasse, she does not yet have major sponsorships and relies only on basic federation funding to make ends meet.

    Richard Darveau, himself an active short-track athlete and a former high-level handball player, was moved by her situation. Consequently, he has launched a fundraising campaign, inviting the entire hardware and building materials community to participate.

    The concept is simple: 100 donors contributing $100 each will help Audrey give her 100 percent in the 100m (and in her other events!). This sum of $10,000 will make a significant difference in the critical weeks and months ahead.

    Each $100 donation will receive a personalized postcard from Audrey, which she will mail herself from Paris in July.


    Thus, the fundraising sprint starts now. On your marks, get set, go by clicking here.

    A handshake with CEO Richard Darveau, officializing Audrey Leduc’s status as the Brand Ambassador for “Well Made Here.”