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  • CFIB launches the 2023 edition of its #SmallBusinessEveryDay campaign

    Aimed at supporting SMEs and thus the local economy, this year CFIB is offering a free bilingual #SmallBusinessEveryDay kit with customizable digital content to help small businesses show the real value of buying local and thank customers for encouraging businesses like theirs.

    The key takeaway: “Every dollar spent in a small business keeps $0.66 in the local economy” compared to just 11 cents from the same amount spent at a multinational.

    To tie in with this annual campaign launched in 2020, a contest gives Canadians the opportunity to thank their favourite small businesses. The 2023 contest runs from October 2nd to the 30th, and offers participants and their favourite businesses the chance to win cash prizes and local products from SMEs across the country.

    Read the press release.

    Visit the SmallBusinessEveryDay.ca website to find out more about the campaign.

    Access the downloadable tools for SME owners.