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  • DuPont Canada’s Styrofoam line accredited for “Well Made Here”

    Known for several trademarked brands that are widely distributed at renovation centers including Tyvek, Great Stuff and Froth Pak, multinational DuPont also produces Styrofoam due to its fusion with Dow. It should also be known that as of June 1, 2019, Dow Canada has also merged its construction branch with DuPont.

    The Styrofoam product line is comprised of 65 regular items (SKUs) and could expand to 200 items if counting custom orders. The line is manufactured in Varennes, Quebec. In Canada, the company employs approximately 350 people.

    Development and Supplier services Director

    “I make every effort to help American and international companies grasp the notion that its is in their best interest to get their Canadian-made products accredited for our program,” insists Audrey Dagenais, Director of Development and Manufacturer Services. “So, when a heavy hitter like DuPont and Dow come on board, I’m happy for them because, in playing the « Well Made Here » card they’ll gain favour with the public.”

    Communication and Marketing Director

    Her colleague, Isabelle Champagne, Director of Communications & Marketing, comments that DuPont’s decision is a lot like milling two seeds with one stone: she maintains that when a brand as popular as Styrofoam is presented as a line of products that is made at a local manufacturing plant which employs workers from the region, the manufacturer wins on several fronts: “Therefore, the consumer doesn’t have to choose between a brand name and buying local.”