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  • Dural, a division of MULTIBOND

    Dural, une division de MULTIBOND

    Noiseproofing Compound

    Brand Name:

    DURAPRO AC3491

    Short description:

    DURAPRO AC3491 is a water-based viscoelastic low-voc compound designed to reduce sound transmission when sandwiched between two sheets of building materials such as drywall, plywood and OSB of common partitions. Typical applications are for walls, ceilings and floors. For use in new construction and renovation projects of condominiums and multifamily buildings that need reduced impact noise to improve occupants comfort.

    Manufactured at:
    Dorval, QC

    This accredited line of products meets the following public standards and building code rules:

    ASTM D-2249 Sound Transmission Class (STC): evaluated at 50 dB as per
    E-90 test method

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