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    Simpson Strong-Tie

    LUL Galvanized Light Face-Mount Joist Hanger

    Short description:

    The LUL is designed for joist-to-header installation in wood-framed construction. This face-mount hanger is a 90-degree, light-duty joist connection ideal for a variety of applications. The LUL is value engineered for economy while providing the needed load capacity for the connection.

    The LUL Light Face Mount Joist Hanger is available in a variety of sizes including LU24L, LU26L, LU28L, LU210L, LU26-2L, LU28-2L, LU210-2L.

    Manufactured at:
    Pitt Meadows, BC, BC

    This accredited line of products meets the following public standards and building code rules:

    The factored resistances shown in this catalogue comply with the National Building Code of Canada (NBC 2010 and NBC 2015).

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