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    Democratic values as a competitive advantage for Canadian products

    The Canadian Press recently reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking at a public debate at the University of Ottawa, argued that instead of turning their backs on Chinese-made products altogether, companies should opt more often for materials and products from countries that have less impact on climate change and where workers’ rights are respected.

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    “Well Made Here” urges patriotism in Canadian competition policy

    Our organization, “Well Made Here”, has decided to participate in consultations on the future of competition policy in Canada. While the initiative focuses on improvements to the Competition Bureau’s application system, our involvement is aimed at raising awareness of the fact that the singular anti-trust dimension that dominates the spirit and language of the current Competition Act – and no doubt that of its forthcoming iteration – deserves to be modernized, not only in light of the digitalization of the economy, but also of the globalization of markets affecting the well-being of our companies, the impact of free trade treaties on these businesses, and above all, the little importance given to the “locally made” products.

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    Local manufacturing popular in the United States

    According to a survey by the Reshoring Institute, a pro-relocation organization for U.S. manufacturing facilities, Americans would prefer to buy domestically made products. Your “Well Made Here” newsletter covers the highlights of this survey in the hope of convincing the Canadian government to consult our citizens on the same issues.

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