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  • Local manufacturing popular in the United States

    According to a survey by the Reshoring Institute, a pro-relocation organization for U.S. manufacturing facilities, Americans would prefer to buy domestically made products. Your “Well Made Here” newsletter covers the highlights of this survey in the hope of convincing the Canadian government to consult our citizens on the same issues.

    In summary, here are the results of the 2020 survey:

    • 69.42 percent of respondents prefer American-made products
    • 83.34 percent of respondents would pay up to 20 percent more to obtain US-made products
      (50.51% would pay +10% and 32.83 would pay +20%)
    • 46.28 percent of respondents believe that US-made products are of better quality
    • 57.35 percent of respondents are influenced by the origin of the product
    • 59.83 percent of respondents believe the information on “Made in” product labels

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