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  • Lowest credit card charges guaranteed to members of “Well Made Here”

    Thanks to a partnership with EVO Canada, businesses taking part in the “Well Made Here” program now have the opportunity to reduce the fees charged by Visa and MasterCard on every transaction made by their customers by thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars a year.

    While it’s clear that most businesses find it beneficial to accept credit card payments from their customers, and that customers love accumulating points, it’s important that each transaction costs as little as possible in interchange fees. Depending on the colour of the card used and transaction type (in person, online or telephone, one-time payment or recurring installments), the percentages taken by Visa and MasterCard will vary enormously.

    The price EVO Canada guarantees is as follows: 1/10 of 1% + cost.

    The best online reference to find out what it costs is ClearlyPayments

    And that’s not all: every business that joins the program receives a free wireless terminal with which to process all credit and debit card transactions.

    To receive a quote from EVO Canada, contact Pierre Bouchard by e-mail at pbouchard.evo@gmail.com and mention that you are a business participating in “Well Made Here”.