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  • Manufacturers applaud the “Well Made Here” program during the Quebec’s Week of Hardware

    One of the founding organizations of “Well Made Here” program, the Quebec Hardware and Construction Materials Association (AQMAT), organizes a thematic week every September called “La quincaillerie en tête et en fête” or ‘Hardware Care and Fair’. As part of its 2022 edition, it invited Quebec manufacturers to show their support for the “Well Made Here” program with a homemade video.

    Each in their own way, manufacturers do not hide their temptation to import materials because of production costs and labor scarcity. Fortunately, they all find ways to continue manufacturing locally and offering products that meet or even exceed construction standards and codes.

    Today, we present to you five of these videos.

    (Note: the videos being produced for the Quebec public, they are in French only).

    Click on the company logo to watch their testimonial.