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  • MF Paints joins “Well Made Here” pursuing its growth objective in the residential market

    Founded in 1967, Peintures MF is a 100% Quebec-based company in continuous growth. It is located in Laval, Quebec, where it produces a complete line of different types of architectural paints such as latex, acrylic, varnish, signage paint, and dryfall paint. In addition to its architectural line, it offers a range of industrial paints for floors.

    The company has a network of more than 175 distributors in Eastern Canada, serving customers throughout Canada and the northern United States. Its team is made up of nearly 80 employees who work hard to develop and manufacture quality products with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and some that are even VOC-free.

    “MF Paints is more than a company, it’s a family consisting of people whose motivation and determination enable us to excel at making great products,” said Dino Coletta when asked what motivated the decision to participate in the ” Well Made Here ” program.