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  • Mission Import-Export and Business Partnerships to take advantage of the Year of the Dragon

    Faced with growing distrust towards China and with the aim of diversifying commercial exchanges too concentrated on the United States, Southeast Asia, and more particularly Vietnam, is increasingly positioning itself as the new Eldorado for Canadian companies.

    The organization “Well Made Here” (WMH), in partnership with the Engram Group, experts in international business, and in collaboration with the Quebec Association of Hardware and Building Materials (AQMAT), is organizing a mission to Vietnam from November 27th to December 3th, 2024.

    Limited to ten manufacturing companies, the operation offers each delegate personalized services including:

    • selectively chosen business meetings;
    • a home improvement affaire ;
    • relevant industrial visits;
    • networking activities

    ” A delegation of business people from Canada will attract attention and various business opportunities will arise, not necessarily the ones initially envisaged,” predicts Richard Darveau, WMH’ CEO, who is knowledgeable about international missions having organized around thirty.

    What will the mission consist of?

    Focusing on the residential renovation and construction market, the mission will allow, depending on each case, to seize the national and continental market in order to better prospect for export, import, find subcontractors, or even business partners. Optionally, interested parties will be proposed candidates for job and career opportunities.

    Since only very personalized “one-on-one” meetings, well-prepared and conducted in respectful conditions, can reduce the risks of wasting time and truly initiate fruitful business with an Asian counterpart, the mission guarantees each Canadian company at least three appointments with carefully selected potential clients, partners, or suppliers.

    Two business visits are also included in the program, one to a renovation center and one to a building materials manufacturing plant, which will allow appreciation of cultural, even technological differences, between the two continents.

    Finally, two complementary activities are also planned. On one hand, a cocktail organized with the assistance of authorities from both countries as well as a cultural visit to the famous Ha Long Bay.

    Why Vietnam?

    Vietnam is undergoing transformation; its economy, driven by accelerated political reforms, is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the world. As the middle class develops, the country is building more houses and apartments that meet international standards, hence the interest of builders and the government in materials manufactured in Canada.

    Housing projects include single-family homes and multifamily constructions. Market growth will be supported by the government’s plans to build affordable housing for middle and low-income families. The People’s Committee of Hanoi has approved a master plan for the development of the capital’s housing program for 2021-2030, with a vision extending to 2040.

    For example, in 2022, no fewer than 278 projects comprising 276,000 housing units were built, with an average value of $60,000 per unit, representing a total area of 148 million square feet.

    The size of Vietnam’s residential real estate market is currently estimated at $35 billion in 2024 and is expected to exceed $60 billion by 2029, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.55% over the forecast period from 2024 to 2029.

    According to the World Bank, Vietnam has become more ambitious in its development aspirations, aiming to become a high-income country by 2045. Vietnam also aspires to develop in a greener and more inclusive manner.

    Economic reforms since 1986 have helped transform the once small dragon, in just one generation, from one of the world’s poorest countries to an upper-middle-income economy. Indeed, between 2002 and 2022, GDP per capita has multiplied by 3.6, reaching almost $5,000. In doing so, the poverty rate has dropped from 14% in 2010 to 3.8% in 2020.

    Thanks to its solid foundations, the economy has shown resilience through various crises. Economic growth hovered around 4.7% in 2023 and is expected to gradually accelerate to 5.5% in 2024 and 6.0% in 2025.

    Access to infrastructure services has significantly increased. In 2019, 99.4% of the population used electricity as the main source of lighting, compared to only 14% in 1993.


    What are the goals aimed at by the mission?

    1. To assist Canadian companies in understanding the Vietnamese market, knowing its leaders, its challenges, and seizing potential business opportunities.
    2. To undertake import, export, subcontracting, and joint venture activities according to the priorities of each participating company.
    3. Optionally, to support companies in their personnel recruitment needs.


    Why the Engram Group?

    Founded in 2016, the Engram Group is a strategic consulting firm headquartered in Montreal, with a permanent office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its objective is to accelerate growth and create value for SMEs, primarily by:

    • implementing financing strategies;
    • identifying new global business opportunities;
    • connecting project holders with talents;
    • facilitating the professional development of international trade compliance experts;
    • generating business opportunities;
    • improving customs compliance;
    • addressing labor shortages.

    What is the VietBuild Fair?


    The event is organized in Hanoi, the capital of the country, by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, in coordination with the People’s Committees of the cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang.

    Its size corresponds to approximately 1500 stands occupied by about 350 companies, of which 10% come from other countries, distributed in six categories: construction, design, furniture, real estate, electrical equipment and plumbing, doors and windows.

    The official website is: https://vietbuildexhibition.com.vn/.


    what is the primary schedule ? 


    What are the prices?

    • 1st participant: $3,000
    • 2nd participant (from the same company): $1,500

    What is included in the mission?

    • Professional support by Groupe Engram
    • A minimum of three (3) personalized business meetings
    • Group networking activities at the beginning and end
    • Protocol cocktail
    • Entrance ticket to visit the fair
    • Two business visits (a renovation center and a factory)
    • Visit to Ha Long Bay

    What is not included in the mission?

    Airfare, accommodation, and meals (we will provide recommendations) Passport and visa (mandatory) Personal expenses during free time


    • $1,875 per recruited person: Criteria, search process, interviews, candidate selection
    • $1,500: Immigration and legal support fees (immigration consultant)
    • In addition : Travel expenses of the selected candidate
    • *Condition: The company must have at least two positions to fill

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