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  • Online shop for “Well Made Here” branding

    The “Well Made Here” team has completed the setup of the online store where a host of items are offered, designed to attract, inform, in short, stimulate the interest of consumers and / or contractors so that they may then buy products that are “Well Made Here” in hardware stores and renovation centres across Canada.

    Isabelle Champagne, director of communications and marketing for the program explains the two reasons that led to the creation of a site for the online purchase of promotional items.

    “When launching a new program, it is essential that all partners use brand-right colours, in the correct format. Otherwise, customers get confused and everyone loses.”

    “In addition,” adds Ms. Champagne, “the manufacturers, the banners and the retailers have busy schedules. This site makes their life easier.”

    Moreover it is with material made available through this shop that the points of sale participating in the pilot experience will be made over to test the hypothesis and determine what promoting itself as a destination for quality products manufactured in Canada can bring to a business which makes efforts to position itself as such. The pilot will also measure whether or not such an undertaking helps the banner and its suppliers, and going even further, will this be positively perceived by consumers and professionals.

    Already, some participating manufacturers have obtained materials to promote their products such as Amherst Molding and MSL who respectively purchased X banners and stickers notes Ms. Champagne.

    For now, participants can get the essentials to identify products and display Well Made Here branding at events such as trade shows. However, in order to more fully meet the needs of participating manufacturers, retailers and contractors, the product offering will expand over time.

    In the event that a retailer, a manufacturer or a banner needs an item that is not listed, or if a different quantity than offered is required, one simply has to notify the Well Made Here team to make it available.

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