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  • Richmond Plywood of British Columbia becomes a participant

    With its plywood mill on the Fraser River outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Richmond Plywood Corporation is the result of the cooperation of some 300 investors or dreamers who believed in the company in the mid-1950s.


    Today, with 400 employees, Richply, as it is often called, manufactures plywood sheets of various thicknesses, but all are of high quality, for the North American and international markets.

    Divided into approximately nine product lines, its portfolio of products adds value to several markets, including medium and high-density overlays (MDO and HDO) for concrete forming, paint-grade MDO for signage, specialty, and marine-grade sanded panels, in addition to standard and select structural sheathing products.

    Richply manufactures two main types: Douglas Fir Plywood (DFP) and Canadian Softwood Plywood (CSP).



    All building sheathing panels are certified under quality assurance by the APA – The Engineered Wood Association must meet or exceed the design specifications in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or the American Voluntary Product Standard PS-1 for structural plywood. These standards specify requirements for species, veneer grades, panel construction, gluing, manufacturing tolerances, fabrication, identification, and marking.

    Richply building sheathing is a plywood structural panel used primarily as a load-bearing component for roof, wall and floor assemblies in single and multi-family construction.

    All Richply building sheathing panels are bonded at high temperature and pressure with phenol-formaldehyde resin adhesive for exterior glue bonding classification (except PS-1 C-D panels which are exposed 1).

    Richply building cladding panels have no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) and are exempt from US HUD, CARB and ATCM (Title VI) formaldehyde regulations due to very low emission rates.

    Among the many certifications the company has received are PEFC and FSC… and now WMH too!