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    October will be focused on elections, but September was marked by Strike for Climate walks, a movement that is destined to grow. During an ecofriendly renovation, material selection is crucial, and the choices must truly meet various standards. “Well Made Here” will largely contribute to guiding consumers thanks to access to rigorous information about products that are manufactured locally and respect Canadian building codes.

    The product catalog available on ici-here.ca offers the option to search for products by Banner, Store Department, House Rooms and Certifications, which can lead to more responsible choices, as well as by Province to discriminate in favour of the manufacturing plant closest to the consumer’s location.

    Searching by Manufacturer also allows consumers to sort results identifying those who make it a point to offer green or energy efficient products.

    For additional inspiration, this French language article published by the APCHQ, the association for professionals and for housing in Quebec, that suggests renovations for greener residences: (lien)

    Partial list of Certifications to favour in making environmentally sound product choices: Green Label, Ecologo, Energy Star, FSC, Led, USDA, Watersens, etc.