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  • Support for manufacturers, an intern joins the team in April

    A bilingual student from John Abbott College in Montreal joints the team for the month of April completing a practicum as a support agent for participating manufacturers.

    Beginning April 4, participating manufacturers may receive emails and/or calls from Cameron Leclerc, an authorized program representative who, among other things, will ensure contact information and individual records are up-to-date.

    His role will essentially consist in gathering information about the status of the accredited product lines and finding out if others are to come. If applicable, what progress has been made with respect to the integration of the logo on the products or with point of purchase merchandising materials. As well, he will enquire as to any promotional or informative effort that the participant might have undertaken or plans to undertake in the short term.

    “Among other things, we are interested in knowing which participating manufacturers are using social media and in touching base with each so as to observe an increase in the promotion of “Well Made Here”,” says Célie Cournoyer, director of operations who will supervise the intern.

    “I aim to contribute positively to this non-profit organization. I support its mission and I sincerely believe in the relevance of its purpose,” said Cameron when asked what motivated him to submit his candidacy.

    Finishing his last year of studies in business administration and marketing, Cameron already has career prospects. Motivated to exercise his know-how and skills in communication and customer relations, he admits that he is genuinely looking forward to joining the team. Another sportsman like everyone on the team, in his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and goes camping and hiking during the summer or snowboarding in the winter.

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