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  • The 100-manufacturer milestone reached thanks to Matériaux Spécialisés Louiseville

    The target of 100 participating manufacturers promised for Year 1 of the “Well Made Here” program has already been reached; Audrey Dagenais, director, development and manufacturer services is happy to announce that Matériaux Spécialisé Louiseville (MSL) is the 100th manufacturer to join the ranks.

    We remind you that in February, 21 manufacturers had joined the program. Through Ms. Dagenais’ determination, the program managed to attract 79 other manufacturers from across Canada, thus achieving the objective some four months ahead of the deadline.

    Here are a few details about MSL and five other business who have been welcomed to the program over the past few weeks.

    Adfast Canada, operating three plants situated in the Saint-Laurent district of Montreal, produces a complete line of adhesives, sealants, foam and isolating membranes, assembly solutions, caulking, insulation and protection products.

    Cold Dragon, located in Bois-des-Filion QC, offers fireproof coating products for wood. The intumescent action slows combustion. For use outdoors and indoors, the formula also acts as a water-repelling seal that resists severe weather and temperature changes.

    Redibase, manufacturer from Brome QC, that has been in business for over 20 years and produces recycled plastic footings to accommodate columns that support exterior structures such as decks, porches, gazebos and more.

    Solhydroc, manufacturer from Boucherville QC, that makes high-performance mortars developed to protect and permanently repair cement and offers expert advice, onsite technical support and training.   

    Venmar, manufacturer from Drummondville QC, offering a complete line of air exchangers, central vacuums, range hoods and attic ventilators under various brand names such as Broan, NuTone, Best, vänEE and Venmar.

    Matériaux Spécialisés Louiseville, manufacturer operating in the city from which it draws its name, maker of the famous Sonopan and other materials mainly developed for soundproofing, commercial roofing and thermal insulation.

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