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  • The Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction welcomes the launch of Well Made Here

    The Association des Consommateurs pour la Qualité dans la Construction (ACQC) has highlighted the launch of the Well Made Here program, a pan Canadian initiative of the Association québécoise de la quincaillerie et des matériaux de construction (AQMAT) and other banner partners.The Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction (ACQC) is the only not for profit organization that is entirely devoted to guiding consumers and promoting their interests in the areas of real estate and residential construction and has been doing so since 1994.

    “Products manufactured by participants will also be easily identifiable in hardware stores, bearing one distinct logo, which we hope will be largely recognized,” affirms Marc-André Harnois, the organization’s general manager.

    According to the ACQC, “the program promises to become an indispensable tool meeting a genuine need from housing consumers and from the industry.”

    Indeed, the ACQC notes that it is often difficult for the consumer to obtain relevant technical information that is reliable, comprehensible and comparable with respect to construction products. Yet, this is important information when it comes to making choices about adequate installation and maintenance, or, in the event of a defect or damage.

    In its release (available in French only), the ACQC point out that the www.ici-here.ca portal, currently under development, promises to answer this concern by offering a centralized source of technical information about products for which 51 % or more of manufacturing costs have been incurred in Canada (excluding research, design and freight).

    The ACQC expects that such a tool has enormous potential, particularly given that it will provide valuable data to consumers, allowing them to make informed choices, while promoting products that are made here.

    Read the ACQC’s release (available in French only)



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