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  • The operation « More Canadian under the Christmas Tree » has been launched

    With Christmas and gift shopping on the horizon, the team at “Well Made Here” has launched a movement in favor of buying local hardware items and building materials to put under the Christmas tree.

    “It’s high time to walk the walk,” as the saying goes, says Richard Darveau, President and CEO. “People on the street talk about the importance of buying locally, but in reality, except for food and the arts, the efforts to seek and find what is industrially produced here are not reflected in the statistics. »

    This is why the “Put More Canadian under the Christmas Tree” operation was initiated.

    All the manufacturers who have accredited products in the program, which equals to about a hundred companies in the country, have received a Christmas card matrix that they can personalize by placing the name of their company on it. They were invited to spread these wishes on their social networks.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if some manufacturers also use our card template to send their best wishes to banner buyers and the hardware stores they supply,” adds Mr. Darveau.

    What would a Christmas be without a present?

    Good wishes are good, a gift is even better.

    Many participants of “Well Made Here” program are still not aware that they are entitled to a free membership in the powerful Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), a non-partisan, non-profit organization created more than 50 years ago to which almost 100,000 companies adhere.

    Normally, you have to pay monthly installments of $32 plus a $3 fee per employee. Thus, an independent business with 50 employees will have to pay $2,184 per year. That means that thousands of dollars are supported by the program “Well Made Here” in order to serve its members.

    Through the partnership between Well Made Here and CFIB, companies that participate in the program benefit from the following services free of charge:

    • unlimited telephone consultations offering advice and information for any question about government regulations, human resources, or any question related to the daily management of an independent business;
    • HR templates (job advertisements, job interviews, job offer letters and employment contracts, standard job descriptions, discipline and dismissal notices, employee handbooks and employee code of conduct, etc. .;
    • policies and procedures for example on telework, disconnecting from work, management of social media, anti-spam law, debt collection letters, etc.;
    • more than 50 online training courses, including on well-being in the workplace, tools for hiring and retaining employees, drug and alcohol policy in the workplace, fraud prevention, development of online sales, occupational health and safety, credit card processing contracts, social media management, employment insurance contributions, etc.;
    • a dozen savings in programs in telecommunications, financial services, payroll processing, shipping processing, and insurance;
    • in addition to CFIB lobbying actions.