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  • The resumption of construction activities on sanitary sites

    Just as the busy construction season was on the horizon, a nightmare has disrupted daily life around the world. Certainly, the contractors will have to precautionary measures to protect the health of workers and ensure the safety of job sites if they wish to avoid further interruptions once work restrictions are lifted.

    Everyone’s wishes, including those of the “Well Made Here” team are coming true, activities have resumed for residential construction sites in Quebec for which work was underway before shutdowns due to the health crisis. It must be said that the dagger that hangs over the heads of tens of thousands of families waiting to take possession of a new house or a new condo on July 1st remains since, as it fixed date, it forces the government to review its deconfinement schedule if the residential units are to be completed.

    Will work be completed in time for leasing and purchase agreements signed before the health crisis to be respected? The question remains.

    In any case, learning will result from this partial revival of residential construction in Quebec. The experience will serve the administrations of other provinces where several active stakeholders of the “Well Made Here” program also hope to resume their activities soon.

    Common sense suggests that contractors and labour unions will work together to get construction workers to implement the recommended measures for the operation of sanitary sites. Foremen cannot in any way allow compliance checks to result in further closures.

    Facilitate the relaunch of activities by supplying protective equipment

    “Well Made Here” and the AQMAT implore retailers and purchasers from buying groups to make every effort to procure the necessary equipment and make them available for purchase at their points of sale so that all sectors can gradually resume a normal course, but particularly to help contractors safely operate residential job sites.

    By making the products listed below available, renovation centers will be able to facilitate the relaunch of activities and help ensure that job sites are sanitary.