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  • The synergy between professional renovators defines itself

    Luc Bélanger, Chief Executive Officer of the Association des professionnels en construction d’habitation du Québec (APCHQ) and Richard Darveau, Chairman of the Board of “Well Made Here” met this week to start planning the joint offensive that aims to promote the program to certified contractors.

    The APCHQ, program partner since is inception on October 31, 2019, would like its 400 certified contractors to leverage the “Well Made Here” label as added value with their clients.

    APCHQ Certified contractors are particularly engaged in continuous education and in the application of standards that are in line with best practices for renovation and customer service, in addition to having to demonstrate that they are compliant with various insurance and government authorities such as the CNESST, the commission which oversees standards, equity, health and worker safety.

    Aside from the current benefits the APCHQ certification provides to contractors (visibility on the find a contractor site trouverunentrepreneur.com with the APCHQ Certified logo, search and prioritized positioning, promotional campaign among consumers, priority access to bidding, etc.), free membership to the “Well Made Here” program will be included, providing access to a complete marketing kit and in a second phase, listing and search by filter visibility on the ici-here.ca site.

    “Ultimately, we’d like for several APCHQ Certified contractors demonstrate a favourable bias for Well Made Here products to stand out among consumers and other types of clients, mainly institutional, who hope to encourage local buying,” explains Mr. Darveau.

    “We also hope to introduce contractors to the network of retail businesses who distribute the accredited products so that rich relationships can be established between them,” adds the spokesperson for the program.

    In this perspective, both executives aren’t hiding their dream to see a growing number of renovation centres serve a reference points for certified contractors in their region. This will result in putting consumers in the care of hand-picked renovators possibly favourable to the use of products that are made here.

    Certified contractors will have the opportunity to learn more about the “Well Made Here” program during their next conference which takes place October 18th and 19th at the Château Frontenac Hotel in Québec.