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  • Three new heads join the board of directors

    Since Richard Darveau has become an employee of the company, the directors, for the sake of separating roles and applying the principles of good governance, voted for to appoint a new director to represent the interests of AQMAT on the board.

    The new directors from left to right: Jean-Maxim LeBrun, Nicolas Couture et Marc-André Harnois

    Thus, Jean-Maxim LeBrun, lawyer and partner at Dunton Rainville, an AQMAT member organization, a firm with expertise in franchise law, transaction law, intellectual property and retail trade joins the board. Me LeBrun has also earned the trust of his peers and is appointed Chairman.

    Furthermore, as Mr. Olivier Gagnon is no longer a retailer for building materials, his eligibility to retain the seat as the representative for the interests of retailers among the members of the board is forfeited. Mr. Nicolas Couture‘s candidacy was enthusiastically welcomed to fill the take on the role. Mr. Couture manages the four Couture TIMBER MART hardware stores. He previously chaired the board of directors of AQMAT, from 2015 to 2018.

    Finally, the vacant seat reserved for the representation of consumer interests was also filled. The board accepted the nomination of Mr. Marc-André Harnois, Chief Executive of the Consumers Association for Quality in Construction (ACQC). Note, however, that at the time of publication of this article, the appointment remains conditional to the acceptance of the ACQC’s board of directors.

    The board is comprised of the following persons:

    • Tony Hurst, President of Lowe’s Canada;
    • Ken Jenkins, President of Castle;
    • Kevin Macnab, President of Home Hardware Stores;
    • François Morin, President of Patrick Morin*;
    • Luc Bélanger, Chief Executive Officer of the APCHQ;
    • Sam Moncada, President of CHHMA;
    • Paul Faulkner, Manager of Marketing and Commercial Sales, Dural

      * Note that the case for Patrick Morin will be addressed during a subsequent board meeting as the banner has changed proprietorship. More to come.