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    Known since decades for their Cascade 40 and 60 brand of water heaters and now for its Super Cascade line – Montreal-based Usines Giant joined the “Well Made Here” program this week!

    A family business since 1945Usines GIANT is a Canadian water heater manufacturer in operation, with two plants equipped with state-of-the-art technology and over 300 employees.

    Giant Electric Manufacturing Co. saw the light of day in 1945 thanks to Lucien Lesage and his brother Jean Lesage.  At the start, Giant was an electric iron repair workshop. In 1951, the creation of a new production chain for heating elements and water heater assembly was created. The first models were introduced in 1957.

    In 1967, Lucien Lesage’s son Claude brought renewed energy to the business and became its owner. In 1969, he acquired Westinghouse, from Hamilton, Ontario and the production of electric elements was integrated into the Montreal-East manufacturing plant. Giant’s positioning as a leader of immersion heating elements on the Canadian market was established at the start of the ‘70s.

    During the ‘80s, the business changed names. As Usines GIANT Factories Inc. the company launched two new lines: residential natural gas and propane models, as well as commercial electric models. This period ended with the arrival of robotics at the plant and internal production of parts and water heater elements began.  Since then, the business continued to grow thanks to investments in research and development. In the 2000’s, important changes to North American standards and the arrival of competitors forced the founders of Giant to innovate. As such, lower capacity models that meet new needs were introduced to the market.


    Tufx-Fort Manufacturing joins the ranks of “Well Made Here”

    Tufx-Fort whose roots are based in the Netherlands, has been developing and manufacturing professional grade TufX and FORT wheelbarrows in Canada for over 30 years. It is for manufacturing and supplying wheelbarrows and tools to landscapers and building contractors across North America, operating plants that have recently undergone renovations in Waterloo, Ontario. This business ensures product quality through cutting-edge painting methods, electroplating, CNC pipe bending and robotic welding.

    The 100-manufacturer milestone is nearing. Manufacturers and trademark holders operating in Canada who wish to join should contact Audrey Dagenais at 514-966 4425