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  • “Well Made Here” tables its initial report

    On June 20th, the administrators of the « Well Made Here » program, who met in the CHHMA’s Scroborough ON offices, got their first look at a report on the program’s first six month’s of activity.

    In the foreward, the President calls attention to the fact that About six months have passed since the initial incorporation of the « Well Made Here » organization, even though the idea of the program had already been seeded in the minds of several instigators for a few years. 

    Click here to view the report.

    Here is the introduction to the report, signed by Richard Darveau, President

    Many believe that alarms sounded with Donald Trump’s ascension to a position of power, triggering an urgency to protect our manufacturers.

    Others believe that Canadian manufacturers came knocking on my door seeking help to preserve their domestic market share in a consolidation context where only giants could survive.

    Others still are persuaded that the real motive behind our movement is the growing consumer attraction to local buying, noticeable across all fronts, throughout the country. 

    Perhaps it was more the hardware store retailers and their buying groups who were the first to want a program that would help them counter the effects of price droppers and a decrease in quality.

    All of the above are valid. And true. 

    This humble report attempts to reflect the actions undertaken from Day 1 up to mid-June 2019. As promised, it also relates the current status of finances in legitimate transparency. This because the initiative is not only owned by the twelve founding corporations and organizations, it is beholden to the 90 manufacturers who, in entrusting us with their affairs, allow it to exist.

    What was but an act of faith is bearing fruit. In developmental stages, yet, full of promise. An optimism that leads me to affirm that Well Made Here will drive the whole of our industry and its clients to new elevations.