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  • 100 participating companies help steer our request for federal support

    The federal government is ready to receive plans for employer groups to stimulate post-pandemic socio-economic recovery. The motivations of the “Well Made Here” program are likely to overlap with several of the public administration’s interests.

    So, after having carried out consultations with a sample group of manufacturers and representatives from the partner banners, staff invited all the participating manufacturers, the banner retail networks and members of the buying groups that support the program to react to ten suggested avenues for the funding request to select those to include in the application for subsidy and support request that it is preparing to present to the Government of Canada.

    We retained the first 100 questionnaires received within the few days of the consultation that took place in mid-May. It appears that the expectations expressed by retailers or their banners differ in several respects from those expressed by the manufacturing community. In contrast, with respect to some of the ten suggested avenues, some are of converging interest while others are of little interest to anyone. Either way, it’s a good thing as clear positions will help to steer he content of our request.

    As the graph illustrates, three issues stand out. In order, the introduction of a tax credit on the purchase of products accredited by customers, incentives for the relocation of manufacturing activities within the country and the creation of financial advantages for banners and retailers who carry accredited products.

    “We will certainly elaborate a request which respects the wishes of the company directors who are engaged in supporting “Well Made Here” who took the time to complete our survey”, promises Richard Darveau.

    The chief executive officer of the program, however, indicates that it will be necessary to remain attentive to what the political side intends to gain from a possible partnership. This leads Mr. Darveau to believe that it is mainly the following ideas that will appeal to the government: a media offensive (television, magazines and newspapers) targeting residential owners, a TV series showing the construction of a home made mainly with accredited Canadian products and the investment in artist fees for two personalities (French-speaking and English-speaking) to act as spokespersons.

    From the point of view of “Well Made Here” staff, the fact that the program has really not reached maturity and is in fact still in an embryonic start-up phase, any action which will help to establish the notoriety of the brand will be welcome.

    During the consultations leading up to the poll and some comments received with the survey, one notion was expressed repeatedly. That of clearly demonstrating the advantages of consuming quality items manufactured in Canada. This would serve as much to educate key players in government as to inform all Canadians of the impact of their choices through a general public awareness campaign. We are refering here the economy and jobs of course, but also to ecological factors, sustainability, added value to the building, comfort in the home and more.