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    Short description:

    ADSEAL DWS SERIES 4580 is a 100% silicone adhesive construction sealant without shrinkage. The product shows very good stability and excellent adhesion on several materials. It vulcanizes at room temperature in the presence of moisture to form a flexible product. It is solvent-free and virtually odorless. Excellent resistance to UV rays. It can not be painted. This product is very low VOC. Indoor/outdoor use. Available in more than 150 colors.

    Manufactured at:
    Montréal, QC

    This line of products has obtained the following certifications:


    This accredited line of products meets the following public standards and building code rules:

    Meets CAN/CGSB-19.13-M87
    Meets ASTM C920, type S, NS grade, class 50 (excluding translucent version 4581), use NT, M, G, A, O.
    CFIA accepted
    V.O.C. emission UL 1000612730-2046923: CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method V1.2 (January 2017)
    “Standard Method for Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor
    Sources Using Environmental Chambers” (aka CA Section 01350). Reference LEED V4

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