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  • PG Flooring - Classic Collection Prefinished

    PG Flooring - Classic Collection Prefinished

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    PG Flooring products are manufactured from the most popular hardwood species. Our reputation is based on unequalled production precision making our boards the most reliably consistent flooring on the market today.

    Quality, beauty, balance, choice: this is what the consumer obtains when purchasing PG Model flooring.

    Learn more at www.pgflooring.com

    Manufactured at:
    Saint-Édouard-de-Lotbinière, QC

    This line of products has obtained the following certifications:


    This accredited line of products meets the following public standards and building code rules:

    VOCs emissions:
    • Does not exceed 10 grams/litre of product

    Surface Burning (ASTM-E84-14):
    • FSI (Flame-Spread index) 105 Class C (tested on red oak)
    • SD (Smoke Developement) 110 (tested on red oak)

    Formaldehyde emission:
    • ≤ 1.5 mg/100g (Class E1) (depending on species)

    Thermal conductivity:
    • 0.15 W/mK

    Biological durability:
    • Class 1 - dry interior

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