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  • July 1st for the “Well Made Here” team: a public holiday, but not an idle one!

    They say there is no love, there is only proof of love. On this day of Canadian celebrations,  “Well Made Here” management is taking steps to force reflection on our behaviour when it comes to encouraging local purchases elsewhere than at the grocery store. In short, the argument can be summed up as follows: if we really love our country, we should buy more products that are made here.


    First, a letter was written by the President and CEO of the program for not one, but fourteen prime ministers, namely Mr. Justin Trudeau and his counterparts from all the provinces and territories.

    Mr. Darveau outlines five reasons for consumers and decision-makers to encourage our manufacturers of hardware and building materials, namely:

    • to solidify manufacturing activity, the backbone of any economy;
    • to encourage research and innovation;
    • to stimulate short supply chains;
    • to help combat the emission of greenhouse gases;
    • to make public finances more robust.



    Click here to read his letter to politicians.

    A copy of the letter was also given to certain journalists in order to draw their attention to the socio-economic cause that we support.




    In addition, under a partnership with Powershift, publisher of the magazine Hardware Improvement Retailing, among others, a 16-page section (in English) has been reserved in a special Made in Canada.


    Click here for a sneak peek of the “Well Made Here” feature section in Home Improvement Retailing, being mailed soon to 13,000 subscribers.

    In order to also feed the French-speaking public, AQMAT will relay this news in next Monday’s daily newsletter in addition to publishing a more than 20-page feature on “Well Made Here” in the summer edition of its printed magazine.