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  • Large-scale survey of residential manufacturers’ perceptions about quality Canadian purchasing

    The summer will be an ideal time for the “Well Made Here” team to explore avenues of collaboration, and even a partnership, with the federal government. The first meetings with grant program administrators and ministerial officials bode well: their ears are open and our purpose is appreciated. The ball is in our court, therefore two initiatives will be proposed to participating businesses next week.

    First, participants will be asked to complete a short survey to tell us what more the government should be doing or how it can better promote the purchase of domestically manufactured hardware and building materials that comply with current codes and standards. The survey will also give us an idea of the contribution our community makes to our regional economies, to employment, and to public finances.

    Second, on the strength of the survey results, we will be proposing that the heads of the participating companies add their signatures to a collective letter that will be sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging his government to pay attention to our findings and requests.

    “Together,” says CEO Richard Darveau, “our voice will carry enough weight to enable us to obtain the resources we need to develop our ambitious accreditation program.”

    The timetable is as follows:

    • Survey period: June 12-19
    • Compilation of results and profile of our industry: 20-23 June
    • Signing of a collective letter: 26-30 June
    • Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada: July 1, Canada Day
    • Publication of survey results in our newsletter: July 2
    • Distribution of the collective letter to the media: July 2 or 3

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