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  • The ecological factor: increasingly relevant and undeniably significant in any buying decision

    Considering the growing interest in products that are environmentally friendly, especially as Spring cleaning gets underway across the country, the “Well Made Here” team deems it appropriate to feature Clean All, a recently accredited line manufactured by Pacific Northwest Green Cleaning Products, a business that operates out of North Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Well Made Here’s mission to encourage the purchase of quality domestically made hardware items and buying materials which meet regulations and construction codes in effect, are often certified under other accreditation programs, and are destined for the residential market extends to items found in related departments at hardware stores and renovation centers across Canada. This includes various household items such as cleaning products, which are used not only for home maintenance but to clean up on job sites, in the workplace and more.

    One such product line is Clean All, conceptualized and manufactured here in Canada by Green Cleaning Products, a company whose origins date back to over a decade ago, at which time founder Doug Von Dersch noticed a moss growth on the roof of his family’s country home, just outside Courtenay, on Vancouver Island.

    As the property fronts 1 000 feet on the Brown’s River, the water for the home was drawn from a well and with kids and dogs running around, Von Dersch was reluctant to use any of the advertised chemical roof moss and algae cleaners. The instructions warned about using protective clothing, covering plants, and especially warned about use around rivers, streams or ponds. Research led him to find a non-toxic cleaner sourced from a supplier based in Cape Cod, Wash Safe. The product worked so well that the family acquired the distribution rights for Canada.

    In 2018, after conducting a market assessment and collecting feedback from retailers, in-store staff and end-users, the company’s business model was revised, the company registered and rebranded under a new name, Green Cleaning Products and all of the lines are now manufactured in Canada.

    Doug Von Dersch, President of Pacific Northwest Green Cleaning Products

    “We’re very excited about this line,” admits Von Dersch. “It fits with our personal beliefs in safe and natural cleaning products. Our tests demonstrate that its remarkably effective. I hate to imagine how many spray bottles and refill bottles, multiplied by the number and types of cleaners on the market, when this line could replace up to 80% of what’s used in any household.”

    Von Dersch aims to position Pacific Northwest Green Cleaning Products to take a more dominant place on the market. What’s missing? General awareness and the ability for a business like his to get picked up by banners whose supply chains put products into consumers’ reach.

    About Clean All

    Clean All is a 4 in 1 liquid concentrate formulated from 100% eco-friendly ingredients – water, plant and earth-based minerals, with special surfactants to help break down organics –

    that cleans, degreases, sanitizes and deodorizes. It can replace up to 80% of other cleaning agents in the home and can be used on virtually any surface that can be washed with water. It is safe for use in food prep areas and is also plastic and rubber compatible. After spray and wipe, it removes 98.9% of the surface bacterial count in seconds.

    Clean All is strong enough to degrease your engine compartment, but gentle enough to wash paint from your hands.




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