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  • The in-store campaign continues for a second week

    In parallel with the April 17th launch of the promotional campaign for “Bien fait ici | Well Made Here”, underway in stores making up the network belonging to the 10 partner banners, the number of manufacturers participating in the program has grown from 62 to 78, an increase of 25,81%. New this week are; EAB Tools from British-Columbia, City Sheet Metal from Manitoba, ROYAL Building Products from Ontario, and, Tube-O-Toit from Quebec.

    In addition, manufacturers are promoting the program by adding the program’s branding to displays in order to attract consumer attention towards their products that meet the qualification standards.

    Cobra Anchors has installed danglers at L’entrepôt RONA in Anjou and a logo was strategically placed near SamaN products at Surplus Malouin Home Hardware in Waterloo.

    Through these marketing actions, we can imagine that hardware staff will be asked about the program. In order to equip them to respond knowledgeably, the “Bien fait ici | Well Made Here” team has prepared a reference document that provides answers to five questions likely to be asked by customers. This tool was distributed to the 2 404 hardware store through instructions sent by the Marketing and Communications teams of each of the participating banners.


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