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  • Up to manufacturers to increase self-promotion

    If the reach of the “Well Made Here” program is the concern of all stakeholders, it is the presence of the program logo on accredited products and the promotion of these items that is the key factor. Therefore, a call to renew their commitment, better still, to redouble their efforts has just been broadcast to the 110 manufacturers who subscribe to “Well Made Here”.

    At the request of some manufacturers, a list of the best practices to adopt has been devised. Aiming to facilitate self-promotion of their participant status, to attract attention to accredited products and to generate awareness of the program’s mission among as many people as possible, a checklist was sent to the participating manufacturers.

    On joining, each participant receives the information, material and support necessary to leverage and benefit from the “Well Made Here” visual identity. It is up to them to use it so that buyers of the banners, retail network staff and by extension consumers and home professionals can locate accredited products.

    Indeed, few people browse the Energy Star website, but those who shop for a window or an electric baseboard look for program’s logo.

    “Well Made Here”, still a “start-up”, like Energy Star was almost thirty years ago, is aligned with the same logic: we are pleased when people visit the ici-here.ca site, but the goal is to find the label on accredited products and that, over time, its visual presence convince the buyer shopping in a banner’s point of sale, the hardware store owner, the building contractor and the residential owner come to prefer one accredited product rather than another that isn’t.

    Célie Cournoyer, Director of Operations for the “Well Made Here” Organization

    “As they say, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our collective success depends on the commitment of EACH manufacturer to link the program’s branding with its business, to integrate the “Well Made Here” logo to its accredited products, to draw attention to the program in traditional media and social media, and, to share information on their progress with the “Well Made Here” team, reminds Célie Cournoyer, director of operations for the organization.

    A minority of participants have already shown initiative. We note that the brand image remains underused and that the number of identified products found in stores remains low. Whether it is due to inventory turnover or the speed with which packaging can be converted, Ms. Cournoyer is confident that those who take action will have the best results when an advertising campaign takes place.


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