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  • Direct call to action during the election campaign: manufacturers respond

    Some of the manufacturers participating in the “Well Made Here” program followed up on the call to action to reach out to the candidates in their riding during the federal election campaign. For example, City Sheet Metal, who communicated with candidates in the riding of Winnipeg North.

    First, some context. In addition to the political action carried out by the organization’s staff, manufacturers were invited to intervene directly by contacting the representatives of all the parties vying for votes and aspiring to join the elected Members of Parliament who would form the next government in Ottawa.

    Specifically, the request encouraged participants to personalize a sample letter and forward it to all candidates running the riding where the company’s head office is based as well as any riding where their manufacturing facilities operate.

    Click here to view one of the letters City Sheet Metal sent to one of the candidates.


    “A crowd can be heard far better than a lone voice,” says Célie Cournoyer, Director of operations for “Well Made Here”. “This will not be the last time we involve participants in efforts to promote the program.”

    Massive email offensive carried out by the organization’s staff

    During the same period, the “Well Made Here” team sent just over 1,045 personalized individual emails, prioritizing candidates from the ridings where participating manufacturers have facilities. For the other ridings, the focus was placed on candidates up for re-election, then candidates running for other parties were targeted.

    In doing so, the divide between raising the awareness among future decision-makers and influencers in government departments who will examine the issues “Well Made Here” is tackling and the likelihood of obtaining much-needed support is bridged. It should be noted that the ministers responsible for departments relating to the economy, regions, international trade, heritage and infrastructure are the ones who will be approached when the partnership proposal and subsidy application are submitted.

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