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    “Well Made Here” accreditation criteria and quality controls

    What is an accredited “Well Made Here” product?

    Are eligible for accreditation, hardware items or building materials that are destined for the residential market; meet regulations, standards and constructions codes in effect; are potentially certified or licensed and, for which at least 51% of the direct manufacturing costs have been incurred in Canada.

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    The resumption of construction activities on sanitary sites

    Just as the busy construction season was on the horizon, a nightmare has disrupted daily life around the world. Certainly, the contractors will have to precautionary measures to protect the health of workers and ensure the safety of job sites if they wish to avoid further interruptions once work restrictions are lifted.Read more

    “Well Made Here” and Le Panier Bleu

    Choosing an accredited “Well Made Here” product adds value to one of the most important investments: the home. It is also a definitive action that supports employment in Canadian manufacturing and retail businesses. Investing with confidence in quality and sustainability out of love for what is made in Canada demonstrates solidarity and the time has come.Read more