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    Party leaders invited to share their views on local buying

    Voters are increasingly aware of the multiplier effects of manufacturing jobs for their region and for financing the needs of the State. In anticipation of the election scheduled for September 20th, the “Well Made Here” team has been attracting the attention of the leaders of political parties in order to know what level of importance their electoral platform gives, or will give, to the three key factors. Read more

    Federal candidates urged to encourage local manufacturing of quality materials

    Yesterday, a message intended for federal electoral candidates was written by Richard Darveau, President and CEO. Bearing the title “Buying Canadian builds muscle for regions and combats GHGs” the communication was distributed to select French and English media outlets. Perhaps they will rebroadcast it, but that is beyond our control. Read more

    Pandemic, recovery and probability of an election force revisions to our strategies

    Volatility and uncertainty are prevalent at the moment. To the point where a long-term strategic plan cannot be perfectly carried out with the necessary agility. The “Well Made Here” team has therefore devised a tactical plan that takes into account the pandemic, its effects and the variable geometry recovery observed across the country, as well as the possibility of a federal election.

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