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    Buy Canadian recognized around the world

    While globalization is in full swing and people are traveling more than ever, there is a parallel trend that calls for a need to know where products originate. An in so doing, Canada clearly stands out. That is why the timing of the “Bien fait ici | Well Made Here” program couldn’t be better; not only to stimulate the sale of domestic products, but also to support the sale of Canadian made products in external markets.

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    Successful start-up over six months

    About six months have passed since the inception of the “Well Made Here” organization even though the idea for the project had sparked in the minds of several instigators some years ago already. Here is an overview of the first months of activity for the program.Read more

    Informative portal for hardware store staff, DIYers and contractors

    The Well Made Here brand is attracting significant attention and its logo is becoming more and more recognizable in stores. An important element of the program is the www.ici-here.ca portal, a site designed to provide information to consumers and contractors. At maturity, the site aims to become a practical product knowledge source for sales representatives in hardware stores and renovation centres.Read more