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    The in-store campaign continues for a second week

    In parallel with the April 17th launch of the promotional campaign for “Bien fait ici | Well Made Here”, underway in stores making up the network belonging to the 10 partner banners, the number of manufacturers participating in the program has grown from 62 to 78, an increase of 25,81%. New this week are; EAB Tools from British-Columbia, City Sheet Metal from Manitoba, ROYAL Building Products from Ontario, and, Tube-O-Toit from Quebec.Read more

    Manufacturers participating in the « Well Made Here » program get busy at trade shows, in their communications and on the shelves at hardware stores

    On October 30th there were none. Today, the count is 70 and soon there will be 100. We’re referring to the number of manufacturers duly signed-up for the « Well Made Here » program, borne as a result of a desire from the banners to better-inform citizens and bring forward hardware and building materials manufactured at plants in Canada.  Read more