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    Online shop for “Well Made Here” branding

    The “Well Made Here” team has completed the setup of the online store where a host of items are offered, designed to attract, inform, in short, stimulate the interest of consumers and / or contractors so that they may then buy products that are “Well Made Here” in hardware stores and renovation centres across Canada.Read more

    Daring quality the dominant focus of the APCHQ’s work

    At the APCHQ convention on October 18th, Richard Darveau promoted “Well Made Here” in front of contractors.  The purchase of goods with responsible critieria, such as solidarity with locally manufactured materials and which surpass the minimum standards established by building codes mean that more and more APCHQ certified contractors will promote the program.Read more

    International consumers want Canadian goods PwC finds

    According to a recent report by the consulting firm PwC, Canadian brands would benefit from taking advantage of foreign markets. A survey was conducted among 3,521 consumers in seven key countries – Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom – about their perception of Canada and of Canadian brands and products.Read more

    Actively seeking two renovation centres to become local buying destinations

    Two renovation centres are presently being sought to serve as labs to test a theory: if a store makes an effort to position itself as a destination for quality products made in Canada, will it benefit the business? By extension, will it help the banner and its suppliers? Taking it a step further, will this action be perceived positively by its customers and professionals?Read more