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    “Well Made Here” products in larger quantities and more prominently featured please

    Consumption of goods remains in our industry despite the pandemic. Turnover for hardware stores and home improvement centers is much less affected than that of other retail industries, except for the food industry, of course. Consumer expectations are becoming more specific. Local products are being sought as is a quality ratio that justifies the expense. Buyers want a certain assurance of quality and durability and they want to be able to determine the origin of the products.Read more

    Impact of the health crisis: changes in store

    Retailers want to build customer loyalty, create closer connections, and establish lasting relationships. However, how are they to be perceived as good partners if they offer non-quality? How are they to be perceived as good citizens invested in their community if they only live from exports? And how do they make money if they position their business based on low pricing and the same assortment of products as any other hardware store?Read more

    Canadian product sales expected to increase by the end of 2020

    Even before the advent of Covid-19, the “Well Made Here” program aimed to increase the visibility of accredited products in a variety of ways. While the unexpected arrival of the pandemic adds complexity to the situation, it also lends itself as an opportunity to promote quality products made here and to stimulate the economy.Read more

    The first specialized “Well Made Here” renovation centres

    Initially, we wanted to start with two points of sale. Because of a more pronounced interest, which is very encouraging, there will be five participants in the pilot which will be used to verify a theory: if a business makes efforts to position itself as a destination for quality products manufactured in Canada, will it benefit? And by extension, will this help its banner and its suppliers? Taking the notion even further, will this be perceived positively by its customers, consumers and professionals alike?Read more