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    Two hardware stores pilot with ten measurable objectives

    The fall campaign for “Well Made Here” (WMH) will be highlighted by the choice of two hardware stores from across Canada to serve as labs that aim to verify a theory: if a business makes the effort to position itself as a destination of choice for quality products that are made here, will it be more profitable? And by extension, will it help its banner and suppliers? Lets take that a little further, will it be perceived positively by its end-user customers and professionals?Read more

    The synergy between professional renovators defines itself

    Luc Bélanger, Chief Executive Officer of the Association des professionnels en construction d’habitation du Québec (APCHQ) and Richard Darveau, Chairman of the Board of “Well Made Here” met this week to start planning the joint offensive that aims to promote the program to certified contractors. Read more

    Launch of an online store for promotional merchandise

    During the fall banner trade shows where “Well Made Here” will be exhibited, visiting retailers, exhibiting manufacturers and communication teams from buying groups will get their first look at a transactional site they can visit to purchase various items to identify and promote their participation in the program.

    Read more

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